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US-3098625-A: Rocket motor and control system patent, US-3111957-A: Chatter-proof vacuum controller unit patent, US-3154393-A: Gas filter patent, US-3176755-A: Control system for multiple-effect evaporators patent, US-3179168-A: Metallic casing liner patent, US-3210602-A: Traveling wave crossed-field electron tube with specific grid construction patent, US-3252410-A: Method for producing printed relief impressions on paper patent, US-3314486-A: Agricultural implements patent, US-3328890-A: Layout and marking tool patent, US-3409099-A: Sound reflecting structure patent, US-3439842-A: Push-pull dispensing cap patent, US-3552699-A: Mounting heads for cameras or like devices patent, US-3680619-A: Lock washer patent, US-3724524-A: Picture screen roller fabric attachment patent, US-3819551-A: Method for curing unsaturated epoxy-ester resinous compositions using an organic imide to control pot-life patent, US-2452837-A: Vending apparatus patent, US-2453863-A: Cap strip gauge patent, US-2532798-A: Slingshot patent, US-2579652-A: Pumpable powdered asphalt suspension patent, US-2606456-A: Shifting means for transmissions patent, US-2619271-A: Bag holding and packaging machine patent, US-2641071-A: Plow and moldboard adjustment for ditch digging plows patent, US-2649189-A: Boxcar grain unloader patent, US-2707535-A: Sheet metal two-part door patent, US-2726064-A: Drilling and conveying apparatus patent, US-2903744-A: Apparatus for making corrugated flexible rubber tubes patent, US-2939523-A: Safety valve and system for gaseous fuel burners patent, US-3002213-A: Sweeping device patent, US-3004918-A: Production of magnetic ferrite bodies patent, US-3023198-A: Polymerization of vinyl ethers patent, US-3104774-A: Underfloor electrical junction box patent, US-3118623-A: Rock crusher patent, US-3126981-A: Figure patent, US-3164122-A: Marine power propulsion assemblies patent, US-3180459-A: Demountable sectional partition patent, US-3226903-A: Insulated stained glass window patent, US-3381460-A: Method and apparatus for producing twisted paper yarn patent, US-3503368-A: Apparatus for sequentially vacuum depositing metal film on substrates patent, US-3733469-A: Counting device for punch type ballot card patent, US-2429901-A: Instrument control adapter patent, US-2437022-A: Apparatus for using adhesive tape patent, US-2461325-A: Electrolytic water purifier patent, US-2550124-A: Overvoltage protective device patent, US-2566103-A: Liners for material crushing and grinding mills patent, US-2646120-A: Die for cutting coat collar parts patent, US-2653714-A: Holddown device for screen frames patent, US-2671970-A: Flight trainer patent, US-2695634-A: Method and apparatus for making pile fabric patent, US-2721043-A: Plastic spinning cone patent, US-2721544-A: Heater for engines patent, US-2728578-A: Record player patent, US-2807997-A: Box strapping machine patent, US-2841974-A: Bolt lock patent, US-2860525-A: Safety guard patent, US-2939638-A: Pulverizing and classifying apparatus patent, US-2947543-A: Manure spreader for dump truck patent, US-2956326-A: Multiple stage molding machine patent, US-3046815-A: Blanking die and method of making the same patent, US-3160226-A: Sound absorber patent, US-3201757-A: Identification system patent, US-3202962-A: Transducer patent, US-3228457-A: Regenerative heat exchanger patent, US-3273678-A: Foldable luggage bag patent, US-3333808-A: Utility pole construction patent, US-2434254-A: Rail leveler patent, US-2484205-A: Apparatus for treating crude oil emulsions patent, US-2497222-A: Automatic switch for starting-motors on automobiles patent, US-2539768-A: Filter element and method of making the same patent, US-2566840-A: Switch for telephone substation sets patent, US-2590130-A: Apparatus for projecting images from television receivers patent, US-2594617-A: Laminated drill collar patent, US-2624300-A: Combination air control and ash removal apparatus for grate fired furnaces patent, US-2674413-A: Closed circuit air swept rotating drum material reduction system with air drawoff todust collector and air entry control means adjacent mill inlet patent, US-2702269-A: Coking or cracking of oils, pitches, and the like patent, US-2717774-A: Nozzle cleaning backflow apparatus patent, US-2765577-A: Boat fisherman's creel patent, US-2880274-A: Telephone system patent, US-2949087-A: Apparatus for making cans patent, US-2975235-A: Telescribing apparatus patent, US-3269898-A: Agents for protecting materials against textile pests patent, US-2470564-A: Reaction motor control system patent, US-2581767-A: Method of manufacture of leakproof inner tubes patent, US-2683045-A: Pipe hanger and seal assembly patent, US-2702168-A: Convertible aircraft patent, US-2740456-A: Expander tools patent, US-2882376-A: Electric heating units and methods of making the same patent, US-3170347-A: Truck wheel wrench apparatus patent, US-3192809-A: Rotary cutting apparatus patent, WO-2011055582-A1: 回転電機及び自動車 patent, US-3193832-A: Seismic presentation patent, US-3235882-A: Hair drying shield patent, US-2441584-A: Closed circuit grinding with twostage classification patent, US-2601630-A: Angle block and method of manufacture patent, US-2690876-A: Fastening for rails patent, US-2726472-A: Fish lure patent, US-2866493-A: Awning valance bending machine having gauge means actuated by clamp means patent, US-2950357-A: Electronic sound transmitting device patent, US-3083538-A: Apparatus for maintaining a body of water free of ice patent, US-3273604-A: Shuttle boxes for looms for weaving patent, US-2617190-A: Slicer patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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